How can I be sure that I am a victim of gender-based violence?

If you feel shame, insult and fear in your relationship, if you are subjected to any form of violence repeatedly, if you are not free to choose how you will live, you are subjected to gender-based violence.

Where can I call if I need help?

Ιn addition to the #kamiamoni contact line (linkable, tel) you can ask for help at:
100 (local Police Station)
166 (if there is a need for medical treatment or first aid)
15900 (SOS line for abused women)
15512 (The Labor Inspectorate)
11188 (Cyber Crime Division)
1056 (SOS line for children and teenagers).

How can I help someone I know who is a victim of gender-based violence?

By listening to her and supporting her, without judging or pressuring her. An expert can guide you properly.
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What are the types and forms of gender-based violence?

The types of gender-based violence are:
• Sociocultural
• Economic
• Sexual
• Physical
• Psychological

What is gender-based violence?

is any form of violence that is practiced between the two sexes. Statistically, victims of gender-based violence are mainly women and girls.

I want to be a volunteer in #kamiamoni, what should I do?

All volunteers are important and welcome at #kamiamoni. To join our network fill out the form

What does the law say about gender-based violence?

The exercise of gender-based violence is considered a crime and is prosecuted by law as defined by the provisions of Law 3500/2006.

How is kamiamoni different from government agencies?

The kamiamoni initiative, comes in addition to the state-provided support services for abused women, such as the 24-hour support line 15900 and the shelters for abused women throughout Greece, to strengthen the operation of state structures and provide the solution to those women who are afraid or are reluctant to proceed with a formal complaint. Anonymously, discreetly and safely, through the provision of counseling and support from experts in various specialties and without any obligation to the woman to proceed with formal complaints and legal proceedings, kamiamoni and S.E.G.E. provide substantial and practical support to women in need, feeding, housing, material support, financial empowerment and employment.

How can I get help if I am a victim of gender-based violence?

There is a whole network of partners and volunteers who can help you. Ask for help now.